Lovework is a remote branding and digital design studio based in Redcliffe Australia connecting international creatives and collaborating with clients from all over to create incredible brands. Robyn and Campbell set up the studio to create a better working experience for both designers and clients. Creating work we love and that customers love too.

The studio runs with a core team of seven based in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane and draws from an international network of strategists, designers, artists, animators, coders and photographers to solve virtually any brand challenge, in any timezone.

Our Values

We make better work when we have fun and enjoy the environment we work in. We enjoy the creative process and explore and experiment. Playing with things helps us to learn and deliver unexpected and original outcomes.

We collaborate with talented people from everywhere to create unique and amazing brands. There is a safe space for all of us and everyone gets involved in the creative process. Diversity of thought and opinions creates more robust and realistic solutions.

*Best work of our lives:
We are making the best work of our lives and the best work for the planet. We put ourselves out there and put huge energy and effort into every project.

Our Team

Campbell Butler

Cofounder and Creative Director

Campbell has 20 years of international brand experience, helping start ups become unicorns and massive businesses shift direction. He was previously the leading Creative Director of DesignStudio London for four years where he was responsible for setting the creative vision, inspiring clients and expanding the team. Before DesignStudio, Campbell was Design Director at Wolff Olins for seven years. He led the charge for digital and experiential design and worked on a wide range of massive projects from telcos to technology companies. Campbell's projects include One Football, GetYourGuide, Alan, OLX, Scout 24, Panasonic, Virgin, World Athletics, Riot Games, LEC, LCK, Depop, EE, Oi, Telia, Orange, Hive and Skype.

Robyn Butler
Cofounder and Account Director

For the past 20 years Robyn has worked across a diverse range of sectors from large corporate companies to start-ups. She has branded a film award, a global charity, a telco, a health partnership, a celebrity florist, a fin-tech, a theatre production, a skateboarding platform and a winning World Cup bid. Before Lovework, Robyn ran her own independent agency where she focused on cultural institutions, community initiatives and charities such as branding for David Parr House and CHIA—Cambridge Universities Centre for Human Inspired Artificial Intelligence.

  • Wilson Leung
    Senior Designer

    Wilson works as a graphic designer in Naarm, Melbourne with experience across brand, books, digital and campaigns. He has worked with a range of clients in the arts and creative industries from publishers, photographers, theatre companies, non-profits, chefs and authors. Recently Wilson has been exploring creative expression through scent and dance.
  • Ashleigh Mackenzie

    Ashleigh works as a Graphic Designer in Sydney, Australia. Her portfolio includes diverse projects ranging from luxury travel accommodation like Elite Havens to hospital coding technology with Beamtree, along with collaborations with fin-tech companies, breweries, logistics, short rental management services, and universities. With a passion for story telling through design, Ashleigh creates connections between brands and their audiences, crafting captivating visual experiences that leave a lasting impact.
  • Lucinda Clark

    Lucinda is a graphic designer based in Naarm, Melbourne. Having experience that extends across visual and architectural design, she enjoys the exploration process and employing design thinking to produce purposeful and concept-driven outcomes. Working with a keen interest in design and strategic thinking, she is inspired by the opportunity to help brands strengthen positive emotional bonds with their customers and employees.
  • Everest Momo Lionel Butler
    Chief Feline Officer (CFO)

    As the Chief Feline Officer, Office Cat excels in stress reduction, inspiring creativity, and mastering the art of luxurious naps. With an enigmatic purr and a penchant for cozy spots, this regal member brings tranquility and charm to our workspace, redefining workday bliss.
  • Specialist Teams

    We work with a range of designers, animators, copywriters, strategists and other specialists from around the world. Many of our collaborators have worked with us regularly over the last 10 years to produce incredible, award winning work.

    Every project is unique and requires a different set of partners to create something great. The creative direction we explore during the concept phase will determine the specialists and partners we engage with.

    Our World