Making visual art/work in the AI era

Generative AI technologies provoke questions and challenges for the visual arts, such as the legality and ownership of data; the displacement of human work; and the perpetuation of harmful cultural trends and tropes. Yet, tech developments have also re-shaped and stimulated creative practices, human-machine collaborations, cultural literacies, and aesthetics. How do we critically assess what this current wave of AI development implies for the arts, industry, and creative technical practice? What transformations are underway in visual culture, commercial practices, and arts scholarship? What collective solidarities do we need in this moment?

CHIA held Making Visual Art/Work in the AI Era event to discuss these themes with artists, designers, scholars and developers of AI. The event was organised in collaboration with Cambridge Digital Humanities and the Leverhulm Centre of the Future of Intelligence. It featured presentations and talks by Cengiz Oztireli (University of Cambridge), Natalie Kane (Victoria and Albert Museum), Maria Yablonina (University of Toronto), Campbell Butler and Robyn Butler (Lovework Studio), among others.

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